The Austrian, Toni Sailer, was an exceptional talent of his time after he won three gold medals in the 1956 Olympic Winter Games in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The 21-year-old had achieved all his athletic goals and had become a legend.

In addition to athletic success, he also earned this title through his other passions - acting and singing. 50 years later in 2004, the Toni Sailer name is reinterpreted with a business idea from Hans Taubenberger. A distinctive premium brand for ski clothing is created that not only reinvigorates the name.


The conditions were perfect: Founder Hans Taubenberger was himself an enthusiastic skier and already had many years of experience in the textile industry when he decided to create a new collection that would convey the look and charm of that period into the here and now. Elegant, timeless outfits, figure-flattering cuts and extraordinarily high performance stretch materials build a perfect symbiosis of fashion and technology combined with retro-elements from Toni Sailer’s time. As a hero of his era, Toni Sailer was the ideal person to give his name to a brand that pursued a remarkable vision: producing an excellent design using high-tech materials made unique through new technology, thereby meeting the highest fashion demands.

The Name is etablished

The Toni Sailer brand was first presented in a small circle of premium brands in 2006 to the ISPO, the most famous and largest international trade show of the sports industry. The presented collection immediately convinced the head buyers of highly esteemed sports fashion houses from top destinations like Courchevel, St. Moritz, Lech or Aspen, and laid the groundwork for the success of the company. Today the company has about 250 clients in over 30 countries, in addition to a subsidiary in North America. In the Head Office near Munich, the Toni Sailer team works with great passion on one to three collections simultaneously. Design, production, distribution, showroom - all of these aspects are united in one house, which is still led by owner Hans Taubenberger.


Every piece of a Toni Sailer collection undergoes a long and intensive process, from the initial idea, testing and development phase to production. Toni Sailer takes as much time for each product as it does for the selection of production facilities. Decisive here are a range of the best functional materials and long-standing manufacturing know-how. Partners in Europe and Asia transform the raw materials into high quality performance pieces. Over 80% of the finishing occurs in the Sample Rooms where, using exact craftsmanship, even the smallest quantities and limited editions, with a worldwide production run of only 60 pieces, are produced. It is therefore not unusual for a Toni Sailer jacket, for example, to take 1,000 production minutes to complete. First class production quality and the love for detail in every piece of clothing create high tech pieces that ensure a luxuriously fashionable statement.

Hochklassige Performance Materialien werden verwendet